Advantages of Sod

  • Instant Transformation
  • Saves time, hard work, and frustration
  • Immediate erosion control
  • Less susceptible to weeds than grass seed
  • Less watering requirements than grass seed
  • Ready for mowing and recreational activity 2-3 weeks after installation
  • Save more in the long run

Watering Tips

  • Apply at least one inch of water to sod within a half hour of laying it down.
  • For the following 2 weeks keep turf below sod moist watering at least ¼ inch, once a day or more.
  • Water uniformly, being sure not to miss corners or edges.
  • Water in early morning to take advantage of grasses daily growing cycle as well as avoiding fungus development that can be caused by watering at night.
  • For the rest of the season, the lawn will need about one inch per week, either from rain or manually.
  • Deep watering (about 1 inch) once a week is preferred over frequent shallow watering. Deep waterings promote deep roots.
  • One inch watering per week is a “rule of thumb” but this may vary between different types of soil, wind, and sun conditions
  • Understand the differences between sprinkler designs and select according to your needs.
  • Account for seasonal changes in watering requirements with in-ground watering systems