Chrysanthemums, also known as “mums”, are a great option to add fall color to your garden or landscape. They can be planted in the ground to return year after year or planters to enjoy the fall color for the season. The varieties we carry are hardy mums, but must be planted in the ground, and early enough to allow adequate root growth to sustain them through the winter. The proper time to plant mums in our zone is around August. Planting at this time ensures the roots have enough time to develop before the winter.

At Daniel’s our mums are planted in pots in May and are ready by the end of July-August for planting in your garden. Each of our mums are tagged so you can identify colors and varieties. We raise over 10,000 mums in a large range of colors including gold, yellow, white, purples, pinks, rust, bronze, orange, and red. We also have a variety of bloom types such as the typical full bloom or the daisy type.