Customer Storage Agreement

We are accepting pick ups at this time. You may come in and pickup your plants anytime during normal business hours.
All Deliveries start after Mothers day,
Fall pick up beings last two full weeks of September only no pick ups past this time. If plants are subject to cold temperates, they will be damaged and show it when they are returned year. Fall 2022 cold weather started Oct 2nd with lots of cold nights.
Storage Information:
The plants need to be in containers so the plants can be moved around to be inspected.
The pricing is for 5 foot by 5 foot square foot area which is 25 square feet(SF) for $375 for seven months due that drop off. Covers mid-October to mid-May.  This is the smallest space that can be rented. That’s $54 per month. The foliage, the plant, and pot needs to be inside the area. If the plant/plants need more area passed 25 SF it is $15 per square foot.  (Ex. 5×6’=30SFx$15=$450)