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rock2Landscape Rock

Landscaping with rock is a great way to add natural texture and beauty to your yard. Whether you prefer decorative gravel, boulders, flagstone, or a combination, your landscape will be enriched with interest.

Decorative Gravel

The richness that decorative gravel brings to the landscape cannot be matched by any man-made product. Whether you use it as ground cover, in the bottom of a water feature or as a pathway, decorative rock adds a dynamic natural, enduring element to your landscape. We carry the following varieties of decorative gravel:

  • Alabama Sunset
  • Lava Rock (large red)
  • Minus/Chat
  • Old Monroe
  • Pea Gravel
  • Sand
  • Trap (small grey)
  • Tulsa Rainbow
  • 1″ Clean
  • 2″ Clean

 *Please call for current inventory. We do our best to keep these varieties in stock but at times temporarily sell out.*

Self-Installation Tips

When installed correctly, decorative gravel can not only add beauty to your landscape but it can relieve you of the chore of weeding! We recommend you first place weed barrier underneath your rock. This will prevent any weed seed that comes in from the air and any weeds that already exist from growing up through the rock. It will also prevent rock from working into soil during freeze and thaw periods. Be sure when laying weed barrier to cut slits or holes according to the areas where plants are located. Not sure about installing rock yourself? We will be happy to deliver and install your rock; give us a call today for current pricing!


The beauty and distinction natural flagstone can bring to your outdoor space remains unsurpassed by any cement stepping stone or preformed pavers. Flagstone offers a natural approach to elegance year after year with its quality of color, stability, texture, and striking eye-appeal that only nature can supply.

We have a large inventory of flagstone that is constantly changing. Come by today and see if we have what you are looking for!


Boulders are a great way to add interest to landscaping. Have a spot where nothing seems to survive? Place a boulder there and you’ll have an ever-lasting solution! Boulders add height, texture, and a splash of natural contour to any landscaping whether you are using them in between shrubs, as a border, or around a pond or waterfall. The possibilities are endless with boulders! Come by and see our selection of decorative boulders.

Determining How Much Bulk Rock You Need

To determine how much rock you need the first step is to calculate the area. This will tell you how many square feet you will be covering. Different shaped areas have different equations you must use to calculate. For oddly shaped beds use your best judgment to break the bed up into shapes that can be measured. Then the area of each bed can be determined separately and added together.

Remember, if you have more than one area, always calculate the area of the individual beds separate and then add the areas of each bed to find your total. NEVER add all the lengths and widths together and then multiply. You will wind up with a misconstrued calculation.


To calculate the area of a rectangle or square, multiply the length times the width.
(L x W = A)


Example: 10 x 5 = 50 ft²


To calculate the area of a circle, measure the diameter and divide by 2. This gives you your radius. Then multiply the radius x radius x 3.14.

(r² x π ≡ A) π ≡ 3.14


Example: 30/2 = 15      r = 15      15² x 3.14 = 706.50 ft²


The second step is to take the calculated area and determine how many cubic yards you will need to cover your bed(s). We sell bulk mulch by the cubic yard or half yard. One cubic yard will cover 100 ft² 2-3 inches.

To calculate the number of yards, take the area and divide that by 100. Round up to the nearest .5 (half yard) and you will have the number of cubic yards you need in order to cover your bed.

Example: 50 ft² / 100 = 0.5  This bed would need 0.5 cubic yards of topsoil.
Example: 706.50 ft² / 100 = 7.07  This bed would need 7 cubic yards of topsoil.

Remember, you can always call us if you need help determining how much rock you need to cover your area!

Bag Rock

We also sell our bulk gravel by the bag. The bag contains approximately 5 gal. of rock. It takes about 30 bags of rock to equal a cubic yard. To determine how many bags you would need, follow the steps above to first calculate your area and how many cubic yards of rock you would need. Then multiply the cubic yardage by 30.

Pick-up and Delivery

*Due to the heavy weight of rock, the amount your truck can safely transport is less compared to mulch. 

Truck Size Yards of Rock
Small Pick-up 0.5 Yard
6′ Bed 0.5-1 Yard
1/2 Ton or 8′ Bed 1 Yard


We can deliver 4 yards of rock in our truck. Typically we dump on the driveway per customer instructions. We do our best to accommodate your desired dump spot for the rock but always leave it to the discretion of the driver. We do not drive into backyards.

Delivery pricing varies by location. Call for a quote.