Preparing for SPRING at Daniels!

  • YES, YOU CAN MOW NOW! Do you know why it's best to cut your grass very short at the beginning of the season? Spring rains will cause long grass to fold over, and pack down, encouraging fungus and disease to grow beneath it.
  • Crabgrass may come early this year! All it takes is 6 days in a row of temperatures above 60 to get the crabgrass seeding. Difficult to get rid of once it starts, crabgrass preventer is your best bet. It's not too early to spread now!
  • Mid March is the best time to start pruning your summer bloomers, like crape myrtle and knockout roses. *REMEMBER* your Crape Myrtle will NOT start leafing out until the end of May or early June with blooms from July through September.
  • Pansy planting time is right around the corner! Pansies will arrive in March.
  • Cool weather veggies arrive in March! Nothing better than home grown food!
  • Everyone loves a Daniels Gift Card! Perfect for Birthday's, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Anniversaries, A House Warming gift, or any occasion!
  • We have firewood for your home or outside fire pit!
  • Click on the SPRING slide above for more info.


Plant a tree TODAY!


Spend some quality family time together and enjoy the beauty a tree provides! From ornamental to shade or evergreen, trees are the basic element for any landscape plan. Pick one out today!

Looking for a unique gift?

Custom Container Planting makes a great gift! Simply bring in your pots and we will help you design the perfect combination container. We also plant them for you! Call today for details.

The place to shop for every season!

home1aDaniel’s Farm and Greenhouses is a local family owned business serving the Saint Charles, Missouri area. At Daniel’s Farm and Greenhouses we believe the appearance of your home is very important. Your lawn & landscaping are the first thing people see when they visit your home. We believe that you’ll feel confident in our ability to meet all of your expectations. Our customers are always our first priority.

In more than 1 acre of greenhouses Daniel’s Farm and Greenhouses has over 10,000 hanging baskets, hundreds of sun and shade perennials and over 100,000 pots of colorful annuals!

Looking for trees and shrubs? We have hundreds to choose from. Daniel’s Farm and Greenhouses also offers locally grown herbs, vegetable and fruit plants. Don’t forget about us this winter! Stop by and see our Christmas inventory.

Located in the center of Saint Charles County, Daniel’s Farm and Greenhouses is the place to shop for all your garden and landscaping needs!